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  1. Ryan Timm says:

    Barry, These are absolutely beautiful. The couple were so lucky to have you guys come along.

    • Barry Phipps says:

      Thanks Ryan. It means a lot coming from a great photographer such as yourself. Good luck in 2012!

  2. Can I just say that I’m more than a little jealous? A wedding in Paris!? You totally nailed it. These are all so moody and beautiful!

    • Barry Phipps says:

      Thanks Emily! Love your work as a photographer as well. It’s nice to get a compliment from one who’s work I greatly admire. Let’s keep Kodak alive and shoot film like crazy this year.

  3. Gorgeous! I don’t know what magic you used to make all the people at Notre Dame disappear- The couple under the arbor are my favorite. The atmosphere and the colors are lovely. I want to be in every photo.

  4. Cale says:

    Truly spectacular, Barry.. really beautiful work!

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