This is the pilot episode of a new five part video series I’ll be making on  simplifying the basics of the photographic process. Why episode two to start a series? It’s my favorite topic, of course. Look for more episodes this winter when the wedding season dies down and  I move to Iowa City.

  1. Barry you are right now the most awesomest coolest human in the world! Thank you so very much for this!!! WOW!!!! ps. just wondering can you do some episodes about Elements of Design in Photography? i.e what to look for always when composing your images – lines, shapes, shadows etc…

    • Barry Phipps says:

      I will be doing an episode on framing shots, concentrating more on what’s left out of the frame than what’s included, with an intent to simplify a complex situation with the frame lines.

      Thanks for your kind words!

  2. Tonya Kehoe says:

    Seriously, I just learned more practical knowledge in that 5 minute video than anywhere else. Please make more videos! I would love to learn more about lighting in the studio as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your expertise.


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